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7 Wonderful Benefits of USB Type-C Cable Adapters That Everyone should Know About

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A USB-C cable is becoming quite popular these days. It is due to the features like super fast charging and high-speed data transfer that no normal USB cable can otherwise offer. And it is the USB-C adapters that are stealing the show since they have a number of ports including a charging port and a converter USB-C 3.1 port to convert signals to USB 3, HDMI and RJ45. Besides, they have other benefits that need a mention.

Different Must Know Benefits Of Using a Type-C Cable Adapter

Before you can straightaway move to the benefits, it’s important to focus on the fact that any adapter is only as good and genuine as the company selling it is. Thus, PrimeCables USB type c cable or some other items from companies that are licenced and have been in the market for long should be your options. And now it’s time that you learn about the benefits of USB type c cable adapters at length.

  • The high data transmission speed of every USB type c cable is an attribute to the high quality anodized aluminium conductors on both the connectors. Besides, a USB type c adapter should have multiple ports like a charging port, a RF45 interface, and USB 3 port, other than just the usb-c 3.1 port.
  • The data transmission speed offered by such adapters is no less than 5 Gbps. In fact, the video resolution it can support and transit is as high as 1920*1080 @60Hz.
  • The multiple ports are fully capable of converting type c data into HDMI data. Additionally, the lane data transfer speed is high as high 62Gbps (RBR) and 2.7Gbps (HBR).
  • The function of charging port in these adapters isn’t just limited to charging the compatible devices, this port also serves the purpose of pairing host monitors with external compatible devices for uncompressed data transfer.
  • These adapters are fully compatible with Chromebook pixels, and MacBook. Also, they serve a host to all smartphones and tablets that are equipped with a type c port.
  • The connectors and conductors are totally corrosion proof. This ensures that there’s no delay in data transfer response even as the adapter gets older.
  • The adapter is portable and the cable is shielded against breakage due to twisting.

Other than the features above, it is also beneficial to buy a USB-C cable adapter since it is an all in one solution that covers all your devices other than just the ones with a type c port. Needless to mention, it ends up saving a lot of money.