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How Can CCTV Systems Deter Potential Intruders?

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There are millions of video surveillance systems installed in homes, streets, businesses, and public places all across the globe. The goals of these systems are to deter the potential intruders, instill a sense of safety and security in people, and reduce crime.

Let’s see how you can put these CCTV systems to use for deterring the potential intruders effectively. 

Installing Cameras in Clear View

If you plan to deter the intruders, install your cameras in full view. Some people prefer to hide them because if in full view the intruder might try to harm the camera itself. Thus, you should place it at a height that is out of the reach of the intruder, but they can make out that the area is under surveillance.

Install It in Such a Manner That It Takes a Good Look at Face

Have a good resolution camera installed at such an angle that it’s difficult for the intruder to enter hiding his or her face. If the intruder knows that his face will be caught in the recording, he will stay away because no one would want to get into trouble knowingly.

Set Up Alerts

There are cameras available that send alerts if any unexpected or unusual activity is spotted. This feature is very valuable in maintaining the security and safety of your belongings. Thus, if any motion or sound is caught by the camera from any intruder, it will immediately send an alert. As soon as you get an alert, you can look into the matter and estimate the gravity of the situation to decide whether to call for help or not.

In Case of an Incident Share the Footage

At times, the cameras installed on your premises can be helpful in nabbing the criminals who committed a crime in the neighborhood. It is quite possible that they might be looking for possible targets and came to your place too but got deterred by seeing a camera installed. You can share the footage of your camera with the concerned authorities if you find something suspicious in your recordings.

These systems are very effective in deterring the potential intruders, but they are also prone to hack vulnerability if not maintained properly. For them to be effective and work optimally, you need to update and maintain them on a regular basis.