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How to Optimize Content for Conversion Boost?

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How to Optimize Content for Conversion Boost?

When prospects visit your ecommerce website, it is your responsibility to engage them for some time, help them move through sales funnel and inspire them to act. Conversion optimization offers solution. Many of them require substantial content change like big images, interesting headlines, sharp CTA, convincing ‘About’ page and more.

Optimized the content

Optimized content will deliver value, build trust as well as encourage prospects to act faster.

Clear value proposition

Even web developers make use of website builders to create an engaging site that grabs prospective buyer’s attention for few seconds. It means you get a clear and simple website with clear value proposition. At entry point, the visitors get a clear knowledge about your offer benefits and why it is best for them. Visitors mostly care about ‘what solution do you offer him/her?’ If this message is missing then add it.

Get to point

The user must be the hero, while preparing a website content. Consider –

  • What they want?
  • What are they fascinated about?
  • What information do they look for in every buying journey process?

One important thing to remember is visitors can get distracted very fast and are always in a hurry because they can visit many other e-stores in seconds. Therefore, get to point clearly and speedily. Start with most crucial and attention-grabbing content or information with a follow of supporting details like features, benefits, samples, and testimonials.

Jargon free language

Complex words will never impress audiences, so write content easy to understand, read, and even connect. To get deeply connected common jargons can be used, jargons indicate that you are professional with specific expertise level. It makes them feel they are at the right place.

Strong headlines

Attraction grabbing headlines is the trend as these get skimmed regularly and shared on social channels. Headline makes first impression, garners attention, establishes a connection and ultimately earns share or click. When you write headlines use numbers, ask questions, communicate a risk, use social proof, or time sensitive feature.

Benefits over features

Product features are necessary for prospective customer but it is also crucial to talk about benefits. Generally, buying decisions are based on distinguished benefits and warranted by the features. If you only promote with features, the audience will need to find out how they will benefit. This can cause decision fatigue but with a simple, no-brainer buying process show them the benefits to their gigantic question, ‘How will it help me?’

Publish new content

Publishing fresh and valuable content is the fast way to increase online visibility and brand awareness, so more sales can be tapped. Fresh content keeps brand on top of customers mind, social media, and search engines.