NewTech Polymers Limited is a concern of NEWTECH GROUP, radiant with own excellence of industrial and business arena in Bangladesh. It’s established for an Export orientated Plastic Industry. Our plants are well equipped with most modern and sophisticated machineries and equipments; it is running by the highly trained and skilled professionals. The company is self-sufficient having a continuous trouble free operation ensuring timely delivery of its products to local and International market. The project is started at that time when the Government has declared the Plastic sector as a Thrust sector and is providing all sorts of policy and infrastructure support. The company believes Bangladesh can play an important role in the international markets. The Chairman, Managing Director and the other Directors of this company have dynamic leadership in such sectors and they have necessary means and wealth in the country to provide equity for the company.

Step 1: Contract review and make the products schedule according to contract content and customer request.

Step 2: Task list with detailed specification and request for making products is made after contract signed. Task will be carried strictly according to this task list.

Step 3: Work out on high performance Injection & Blow moulds Machines for all section and send to customer for confirmation or revision tips. Use world class materials of P-20 moulds to production check and intervention examination so as to ensure high resolution and high quality in the beginning.

Step 4: After confirmed the mould, Top works out the production progress chart. Simultaneously, Our Quality control Department starts to follow the project. The project manager would keep contact with the honorable customers constantly to make sure a close coordination between the manufacturer and customers.

Step 5: Prepare high quality imported raw materials. With the help of precise Injection & Blow machines and leading new technological process, we make products with the accurate sizes, weights and best quality.

Step 6: Products base and components ordering and preparation. Production department begins insert block precision tooling with the help of state-of-the-art equipments.

Step 7: The project manager follows the project intensively and reports the updated products and mould status to management by sending Daily or weekly processing schedule.

Step 8: Send the 1st mould trial or samples and (2nd trial or samples if necessary) for the improvements or confirmation, The Quality control department records the detailed test report.

Step 9: Take seriously with customer’s feedback for trial samples. The project responsible Engineers will discuss together and find an optimal solution if the customer requires significant alteration to products.

Step 10: Check all systems of the moulds and machines before process the products. Finish the surface treatment and take a further inspection. Products are packed in kart on cases.