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Lakeshore’s Friendly Barbershop for Kids Haircuts and Styling

Best kids Haircut in Brampton & Mississauga - Outlook Salon & Spa

Are you tired of taking your kids to regular hair salons where they feel uncomfortable and scared? Look no further! Lakeshore’s Friendly Barbershop is the perfect place for your little ones to get their haircuts and styling done in a fun and relaxed environment. With a team of experienced barbers who specialize in children’s hair, we guarantee a positive and enjoyable experience for both you and your child.

Why Choose Lakeshore’s Friendly Barbershop?

  • Expert Barbers: Our barbers are highly skilled in cutting and styling children’s hair. They understand the unique needs and preferences of young customers, ensuring that every haircut is tailored to suit their individual style.
  • Kid-Friendly Environment: Our barbershop is designed to be kid-friendly, with vibrant colors, fun decorations, and comfortable seating. We create a welcoming atmosphere that helps children feel at ease during their haircut.
  • Entertaining Distractions: We know that sitting still for a haircut can be challenging for kids, so we provide various forms of entertainment to keep them engaged. From colorful toys to their favorite cartoons playing on the TV, we ensure that your child remains entertained throughout the process.
  • Safe and Hygienic: At Lakeshore’s Friendly Barbershop, we prioritize safety and hygiene. We use sanitized tools for each customer, ensuring a clean and germ-free environment for your child’s haircut.
  • Styling Options: Whether your child wants a trendy haircut or a classic style, our barbers are skilled in a wide range of styles. We listen to your child’s preferences and work together to achieve the perfect look.
  • Parental Involvement: We encourage parents to be part of the haircut experience. You can sit beside your child, providing comfort and support throughout the process.

Our Services

  • Haircuts for boys and girls of all ages
  • Styling and grooming
  • Beard trims for older boys
  • Special occasion hairstyles


At Lakeshore’s Friendly Barbershop, we believe that getting a kids haircut lakeshore should be a positive and enjoyable experience for kids. Our team of expert barbers, kid-friendly environment, and entertaining distractions ensure that your child has a great time while getting their hair done. Say goodbye to tears and tantrums during hair appointments and visit us for a stress-free and fun-filled haircut experience. Book your appointment today at and let us bring joy to your child’s hair styling

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